Your Saturday Baseball Post


It’s Saturday, and this post is going up on time.

In a normal life, I would be headed to Cincinnati today to catch the Dodgers playing the Reds. Since my son is due any moment; literally, I am staying home and guarding the dad post.

It’s your typical late August Saturday. You can feel as a baseball fan that time is running short. We’re about at that 40 day/40 night point. Which is kind of sad. But it’s better than just having a week remaining or something horrible like that.

Your 80’s song of the week that should be played on a ballpark loudspeaker near you is from my all-time favorite rock band, Guns n’ Roses. They were live in concert at Dodger Stadium last night and they are again tonight. Those lucky people of Los Angeles. What a scene.

So enjoy your Saturday everyone. Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers, where baseball is recognized as the greatest sport on earth.