Things are getting Tight in the Gentleman’s Cup Series

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 11.23.48 PM

With a little less than two months of Friday’s to go, the Gentleman’s Game is tight. We once again have a race.

Our own t3bird04 ruined my bid to get first or last every week; rendering me to second place by posting a very healthy winning score of 149.95. He ran out Rick Porcello and Jose Quintana who both eclipsed the magic number of 25+; and then received 33 poitns from Roughned Odor, 22 from Manny Machado, and another 25 from Xander Bogaerts this past Friday evening.

As we look at the yearly standings, some things stand out. There’s a dogfight still going on for third place, but who cares about that. The real show is for first and second, where The Family Man of DFS has closed things to within a single point of defending champ, DStars45. It is becoming more likely that just like last season; this could come down to our final week.

As always, a look at where things stand.

Yearly Standings:
DStars45 – 65 points
t3bird04 – 64 points
Jsquad34 – 50 points
Diamondhoggers – 49 points
Swindaman3 – 40 points

And a copy of the winning blueprint from our own t3bird04:

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 11.24.01 PM

Tomorrow brings a new opportunity for us insignificant Gents to have a say in things and make a difference in this cruel Draftstreet world the only way we know how; by not letting DStars or The Family Man win. And we can bring our whores to the cocktail party! Style points! Last week I dressed up A.J. Griffin all perty-like, putting lipstick on that Ranger pig and bringing her out late in the night after the fun had began.

What whores will roll out this week? You must tune in to this famous column to find out the continuing saga of the greatest DFS show on earth. The Gentleman’s Game.