Jay Bruce homers in quite possibly his last Great American Ballpark At Bat


It’s time to do the ‘it’s Jay Bruce’s last week as a Red’ narrative thing again, once again. This is so annoying and frustrating. The Reds shouldn’t be ditching Bruce at this point. He looks elite again, having his best season ever. He hasn’t really hit that ugly month-long cold streak either.

But I digress. The Reds will probably move Bruce in the next week before the trade deadline. The Reds will be heading West, so that means that Bruce played what was likely his final game at Great American Ball Park as a Redleg yesterday.

In what was his final at bat, you know; if it was:

The Redlegs lost a shootout 9-8. Bruce knocked in four which brings his RBI total to 73. He has 21 home runs on the year, and an .871 OPS. Ah, I hate that I wasn’t there. But I’ve said my goodbyes a dozen times already.

Do your damnedest, Dick Williams.