Guns N’ Roses – Bucket List Item Achieved


Back in 2011, I felt like I had missed a golden opportunity to see one of my top two favorite bands ever. Guns N’ Roses were in Cincinnati, and I didn’t go. It wasn’t the real Guns N’ Roses of course, because Axl and Slash weren’t getting along.

So when Axl and Slash reunited, I knew I had to make this happen. This was a top ten item for my lifetime to cross off the list. Few things in life don’t disappoint; or even exceed expectations.

These guys fucking ROCKED. They blew the roof off the joint, tore it up for two and a half hours. And it was the real Guns N’ Roses. They even brought drummer Steven Adler back out on stage for a few songs.

They played every hit I could have asked for. They mixed in unique shit I had never heard before. Pink Floyd (Wish You Were Here), and the theme from Goodfellas:

Slash ripped one guitar solo after another. In my opinion, he’s the greatest ever. I would probably rather see Slash live than most Hall of Fame baseball talents. It’s like watching Mickey Mantle.

I’ll never be able to see The Cars. But Guns N’ Roses was just so phenomenal; as good as they ever could have been in their prime.

This performance definitely made me want to start playing the guitar myself. I didn’t have a large budget so I found a great one for less than $300. It’s called Ibanez AW54CE and I definitely love it. You can read a great Ibanez AW54CE review here.