Since the Dodgers are playing while Fireworks are going off, here’s that Tom Lasorda Pasta Pic


It’s been a banner Fourth of July for this dad. Parade in the morning, watching quite a bit less baseball than usual, watched the Nathan’s contest which featured a blogger that we like while my kid took her hour nap that seemed 20 minutes. All in all, nothing too thrilling when compared to everyone I seemingly know being on a jet ski or playing bocci ball near a lake on my Facebook timeline.

For what seems like the first time in my life, there will be no fireworks on my Fourth of July. And that’s okay. Instead, I turn to the Meadowlark voice of one Vincent Edward Scully and that blue stadium out west. We couldn’t really nail down a babysitter that would give up her holiday and I have work early tomorrow. It’s a shitty year on the calendar for the Fourth!

When I fired off that Lasorda pic to my well-connected buddy who is a Dodgers fan, he responds back with Tommy’s cell phone number! I’m totally calling that when the right moment comes around. But tonight is not that night.

Tonight, I celebrate the fourth like a true oldie; with a little quiet baseball and Tommy’s number stored in my contacts. Go Bums!