The New MLB figures from Imports Dragon are insanely cool


Alright, who remembers Kenner Starting Lineups from when we were all kids? Coolest things ever, right?

Until we saw these, those were our favorite all-time baseball collectibles. You can see all the figures they’ll be making at, but some of the names include Corey Seager (!), Jose Altuve (pictured above), and Noah Syndergaard.

Imports Dragon is a Canadian company which also makes NHL figures, so you’ll see a fair amount of Blue Jays represented.

They’ve done a great job here giving us an officially licensed, accurate rendering of the stars from the game we all love. Thumbs up to ID.

They’ll be on shelves at stores like Toys R’ Us, or you can order them here. Got an idea who you want to see in the next series? Tweet at @ID_Figures.