Because pitchers seemingly always go from having record setting seasons to ‘maybe missing a start’ to on the 15-day disabled list out of the pure blue; I mean what the hell is this anyway?

No big deal, I just traded Bryce Harper away in a fantasy league for Kershaw (never, ever trust a fucking pitcher). In regards to fantasy baseball, I quit.

As an aside, I have sort of jumped on the Dodgers as my National League team with the Reds twisting in the wind as a franchise. So there’s that in play as well.

None of this really makes any sense. If Kershaw was really as hurt as they’re saying, you don’t put up the numbers that he was putting up.

The cherry on the sundae is going to be watching the Giants in the world series again in October. I just know it.

I’m going to go hang myself now with a pair of my non-matching dress socks. Have a good one.