It’s time to give Michael Fulmer some run


The Detroit Tigers posts on this blog should be all about Miguel Cabrera, J.D. Martinez, and Ian Kinsler (Kinsler has been awesome). They were supposed to be about Justin Upton making this one of the highest scoring lineups in the league. They could be about Nick Castellanos’ breakout season.

But the best story going in the Motown summer is rookie pitcher Michael Fulmer. Fulmer extended his scoreless-inning streak to a phenomenal 28 and 1/3 innings today by throwing six zeroes up in the Bronx and improving his season record to 7-1. His ERA is now down to 2.52. When the streak began his ERA was at 5.13.

Who would ever try to guess how a young pitcher ends up turning out with everything they deal with and as volatile as that position has become, but this kid looks like a good one. And I’ve taken a little interest in him myself since taking a flyer on him in my keeper league.

I’ve looked in scouting reports for a Fulmer comp before, only to learn he was the arm that came over from the Mets in exchange for Yoenis Cespedes.

So there really is no comp right now; but Fulmer is really really good. And he’s plenty interesting. And he now has a post all to his lonesome on this blog. That should count for something.