Astros’ “Tim” White got hazed so hard today

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 11.01.08 PM

I started calling Tyler White “Tim White” about a month ago when they were talking about him on Sirius fantasy channel and Tommy G called him ‘Tim’ about fifteen odd times one show.

Even when he was doing well, he just didn’t seem to be a guy that people cared about enough to even learn his name. And, he is just such a generic Tim White.

Today, his teammates took the liberty to park his new SUV in center field during batting practice, and Carlos Gomez actually hit a ball that reached it. It woke Gomez up, as he homered in the ‘Stros sweep win of the Athletics. Word on the street is Tim White was pissed.

Somehow I don’t feel like they do this to a Springer, or a Correa during his rookie season. But they probably gave generic Tim White a shitty pledge name and then decided to vandalize his equally generic SUV with baseballs just because.

In a few weeks when he’s designated for assignment this will seem like a fond memory.

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