Last night, Corey Seager was the magic inside Dodgers Stadium


Yesterday early on in my day, I made the decision that with my wife and daughter out of town on the Jersey Shore; I was going to turn out all the lights and watch some late night Dodger baseball. And what a good decision it ended up being. I simply cannot think of a more relaxing thing in life than a dark room, a fan blowing and just me alone with Vin Scully.

I also had the feeling early on that something magical was going down at the Splendid Lady in Chavez Ravine. My gut and intuition as usual, were right.

Corey Seager hit three majestic home runs, and the Dodgers topped the Braves 4-2. I passed out before the third one happened. But just look at these beauties:

Corey Seager is going to be a very special player in this game. And when I awoke this morning, I felt about as refreshed as a guy can feel. It’s probably because my wife and daughter didn’t wake me up at 7:30. But when I got some charge to my phone and saw not only that Muhammad Ali had died; but that Corey Seager had hit three home runs on Friday night, I realized last night was a night in sports I’ll remember forever.