Your Saturday Baseball Post


Welcome to Saturday, the best day of the week for those who love baseball; the best sport on earth. Whether you’re running errands, doing yard work for your old lady, babysitting your kid while your wife caters a wedding or just laying around like a slob and watching baseball like you should; we can all agree there’s something special about a Saturday during baseball season.

Because we were out of town last weekend, this post was neglected. We’re sorry. It won’t happen again all season.

There’s a ton of action today as usual on a Saturday, all your favorite stars will be in play and the pitching match-ups are extra shitty so there should be an abundance of offense. There’s also a Coors Field game mixed in so things can get extra wild. Eddie Butler goes down hard today at Coors.

So as we set the flag here at half mass in honor of the greatest sport there is, we also wish you a great Saturday. Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.