I’m not watching nearly enough Vin Scully


Vin Scully has been on fire lately; as if he knows the sun is setting so he wants to really give us all a great series of finales to remember him by.

And suddenly, I realize I’m simply not enjoying the treasure that is this man quite enough for what is his last season. Because there’s nothing like late night at Dodger Stadium and Scully telling stories and narrating a baseball game. Be it fatherhood, or whatever; I need to really start soaking this in before it’s gone for good.

The Dodgers are on the road for five and then begin a nine game homestand next Monday night. It’s my mission to watch the Dodgers about five or six of those games, regardless of what else is going on.

I owe it to Vin. Plus, he might talk about the number thirteen or babies.  Or Don Zimmer. Or bird shit. Or crack pipes.

The old man can read me the yellow pages. I’ll be tuning in.