Your Saturday Baseball Post


It’s the best day of the week, at the best¬†time of the week, on possibly the most beautiful day of the entire year. Full slate of baseball on tap as always and this post is here to salute that and the week that was of the greatest game on earth.

My wife and I are taking our 17 month old to her first baseball game ever today, at our Alma Mater. It’s best to test the youngster out at a game that charges minimal admission before you take her to the show later in the summer and you’re wanting to pluck all your hair out after three innings; so we’ve heard. I’m planning on seeing about four pitches today in between chasing her and making sure she doesn’t trip over any blunt objects.

That said, it’s a Saturday; and there’s baseball. And you can feel summer in the air. Enjoy your Saturday and thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers! We hope all your teams win today unless you’re a Cardinals fan.