Sunday felt like the Opening Day that wasn’t


It was plenty cool to have baseball on all day long, three separate games with captivating storylines within them; our first look at the 2016 regular season with stats that count.

But today had an odd feel to it. Opening Day should always happen on a weekday, especially a Monday. I remember it a few years back when baseball decided to open the season on a Friday, and that was great in my mind but a lot of people didn’t like it.

To me, tomorrow is the real Opening Day. The day you take off work or recognize as a personal holiday if you’re a baseball fan.

Still, today held some interest with the Pirates opening up with a big win in front of their home Pittsburgh crowd, the Blue Jays going into Tampa and winning behind a dominating start by Marcus Stroman, and the World Champion Kansas City Royals holding serve with a win over Matt Harvey and the Mets in Kansas City.

I guess moving forward I’m alright with the World Champions playing on Sunday night baseball, and a game prior to it if there must be. I get what baseball was trying to do here, get eyes on their sport while people were off work and draw some decent ratings. It just lacked the sizzle it seemed like – maybe it was just me. *Shrugs*