Nothing Compares to the Magic of Opening Day


The older you get in age, the less nights in your life you find yourself so excited with anticipation that you can’t sleep. Even Christmas Eve is easy to sleep when you’re 33 years old. There are no more first days of school. But in all my years, my excitement for the first day of baseball has never waned.

I’ll admit that I’ve had less time than ever to write about baseball stuff on this blog. Having a 16-month old with a second on the way, selling a house, a move to my family’s home, and buying a new house really has a way of making someone feel the effects of adulthood. But on this night, it’s 2:13 AM and I’m wide awake because tomorrow my favorite sport’s regular season gets underway.

Every season brings a new host of characters we welcome to our fraternity and memory bank. Whatever team in baseball you root for, that 25-man roster becomes family from now until the fall. And one of the coolest things about the upcoming baseball season each year is when you realize that you could see absolutely anything. The game is our oyster, and the possibilities within it are endless.

I feel this way every year – that the impending season is going to be the greatest of my lifetime. That feeling is stronger than ever this year, and it’s such a great feeling to know that we’ve all made it to April and won’t have a single night without real, counting baseball until late October.

This is the ninth Opening Day I’ve celebrated since I started this blog, and it’s going to be another special day. You only get so many Opening Days in your lifetime, so tomorrow whatever you are doing; if you love the game take a few hours to stop and enjoy and grill a hot dog or something. It’s truly a festivus!