This is what the Reds General Manager looks like


When the Reds hired General Manager (teardown artist, wrecking ball driver) Dick Williams, I didn’t care to look him up. I didn’t want to know anything about him. He was replacing a mere figurehead who was collecting a paycheck rather than making the Reds a better franchise. And Dick Williams to me just sounded like a crusty old miser who would fit right in with what the Reds wanted to do.

And yeah he looks younger. He looks like a nice enough guy who has done well for himself and is an educated sportsman from the University of Virginia. His family has ties to the Reds for 50 years. Excellent credentials for a company man.

But Dick Williams sucks. Dick Williams is going to suck. His tenure with the Reds will be about as memorable as the Wayne Krivsky and Dan O’Brien from Westerville, Ohio eras went. No one remembers those guys outside of Cincinnati. You wouldn’t know them if you shared a phone booth with them.

If this Dick is indeed the one fully calling the shots – I would guess by the wimpy demands on return he’s getting fair influence and on the job training from bald clueless Jocketty too – then he needs to up his game.

It’s really sad that the Reds best general manager in my lifetime is going to go down as Jim “Ralph Leather Pants” Bowden.

Have fun botching your rebuild, Dick.