Diamond Hoggers is Nine Years Old

Baseball birthday cakes

This blog reaches another milestone tomorrow, marking nine years since it’s inception. It started out two guys who just wanted to make jokes and mention the lighter side of baseball and tell some stories. It’s spawned into, I don’t know. Something.

When I started this blog – blogging was the cool thing to do. Everyone had one. It’s not anymore. It probably never was. It gives me a space to take note of the game I love. Since I started this blog I’ve gotten married, bought a house, bought a dog, had a child, and now working on a second one.

I’ve realized I’m never going to write about baseball for a living. And that’s okay. My real job probably pays a little better. And I can still check in here and write about whatever amuses me in the baseball world at the moment. It’s probably better that way. This is my canvas and I can paint whatever slanted little picture I want here. And it’s fun.

As long as I’m alive that’s what I figure I’ll do. While other blogs expire and you go to look at the old haunts you remember only to find an elapsed domain we’ll be right here. Providing you with takes that someone has said better elsewhere and likely day old news.

We’ll always love baseball and we’ll do our best to honor it and paint it in a positive light here. It’s the best game on earth. We’ll let other blogs dive into the stats deeper and present things in a likely a newer and more interesting way.

But make no mistake about it; no one loves the game more than we do right here at Diamond Hoggers Headquarters, USA. That’s our only thesis anymore.

So if it’s your first stop reading this post or you remember back when we opened the place in 2007, thanks for being a part of; something! We’ve enjoyed it.