Throwing it Around

Mondays in February are rough. I can’t believe I am watching Bachelor and The Parenthood this time of year, and my wife is asleep. It’s painful to admit, but what are you going to do? I’ve really only got one eye on it while I peruse the baseball news. There’s plenty of it.

-Jose Fernandez wants $30 million dollars a year on his next deal. [Miami Herald]
-USA Today released their predicted ‘scientific’ win totals for each team in baseball today. [USA Today]
-Stephen Strasburg is preparing for free agency following this season. [Jon Paul Morosi]
-How FanGraphs has given MLB front offices an eye towards the future of the game. [Washington Post]
-Mookie Betts put a golf cart in the water. [Surviving Grady]
-The best transactions of the 2016 offseason. [FanGraphs]