Ryan Braun has been playing right field? Who Knew?


There was a time – around the time this blog was started – when Ryan Braun’s every move was watched by us. What he did 2008 to 2012 garnered that type of attention. And suddenly, there’s talk that the Brewers will move Braun back to left field, installing Domingo Santana in right.

For as much baseball as we watch, we didn’t realize Braun played 134 games in right in 2014 and 130 there last year. He sported a .992 fielding percentage with 10 assists in two seasons. That’s hardly poor.

Braun is still a good player, but he’s been pretty human since the steroids story has come to light. It’s also the nature of baseball that new and fresh guys come up and make you pay less attention to guys like Braun.