Your Saturday Baseball Post


It’s Saturday, we’ve been at work all morning, and although there’s no baseball for us to be rewarded with; the hay is in the barn. It’s just a matter of waiting on it to come out in bale form.

We are exactly 50 days and some hours to the start of the Major League Baseball regular season. It’s a countdown we’re starting to look at more frequently each day. It’s also probably the day you’re celebrating Valentines Day, so tell your wife or girlfriend how much they mean to you; look them in the eye, and apologize in advance for watching so much baseball once April starts. Earn those brownie points now because you’ll need the emotional equity once the games roll around.

Your classic song of the week that should be played on a ballpark speaker near you:

And in honor of Valentines Day, it’s a good old good one from INXS. I can’t imagine how many high school dances this one was played at.

Enjoy your Saturday and thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers. We are getting closer to things livening up around here, folks.