I owe the month of February for Zeek Braverman


Man the month of February sucks for a baseball fan. It’s been covered many times here before. There’s nothing to fill your time with in this month. College football, NBA, Hockey; none of them seem to bridge the gap once football season ends. It’s a long, excruciating crawl to that first week in April when we can finally be made whole once again.

I decided upon a recommendation to give a new show on Netflix a try. The Parenthoodstarted a little slow, but the character development; particularly the development of one character kept me coming back.

Meet Zeek Braverman. He’s the patriarch of the family featured in the show, and he is in a word; Americana. A Vietnam war veteran, he’s far from perfect and a little rough around the edges. He’s beyond a little old fashioned. He’s a man of balanced principals: beer, camping, whiskey, close-minded views, his tractor, fixing things he doesn’t know how to fix, and calling his grandsons not by their name, but simply ‘grandson’.

He is both the question and the answer. He is a true relic. I want to thank this man, and to a lesser extent his family for helping me get through the month of February.

And if you haven’t seen this show yet, give it a shot. It’s got a little something for everyone and it’s not quite the chick show you would pass it by as when you are scrolling through netflix. You’ll thank me for introducing you to Zeek Braverman.