Next Week will be Hideous Ballplayer Week


A time-honored tradition here at Diamond Hoggers returns the week before Valentines day, during the most hideous month of them all. Hideous Ballplayer Week has been a feature for many years here, and next week we roll out a brand new stable of stooges for you to learn about.

We don’t want anyone to think we are hating on their dad or anything. If you reached the big leagues, you were at some point; supremely talented at the game of baseball. But within that fraternity there’s a group of guys who just stand out for being ordinary or vanilla. These are the guys we’re going to be targeting for the honors. It’s really more of a ‘random ballplayer review’. We want the guys who never really stood out or did anything wonderful in their time in the bigs.

We take reader submissions, so if you have someone in mind you want to make the blog, tweet us @diamondhoggers or shoot us an e-mail at diamondhoggers_at_gmail_dot_com.

Bring your Junior Noboa’s, your Skeeter Barnes’s, your Rob Picciolo’s (don’t you dare cheat ahead and look him up). This is the chance to make the dreadful famous for a day.