I thought this was a pretty Funny promotional night

I admit to not knowing what ‘Netflix and Chill’ was really, but I heard a lot of skirmish about it here and there. I’m 33, not hip, and generally don’t know what kids are up to these days. I have no idea how this caught fire. But I wanted to find out what Netflix and Chill was all about. So I did the only thing I knew how to do.

I Urban Dictionary’d it.


I admire the Binghamton Mets for being on the cutting edge of what their fan base may be into. But what exactly will the promotional night entail?

We are guessing in the end it grabs a lot of attention – if we’re writing anything about a promo night to be held in MiLB, it’s good stuff. And we would bet that everyone at the ballpark uses their ticket stub to get a free month of Netflix or something. As if anyone but me pays for Netflix these days!