The Chicago Cubs are in the Postseason


Here’s something that is good for baseball: the Chicago Cubs will be part of the MLB postseason. The Cubs are in the playoffs for the first time since way back when we basically started this blog, 2008.

The Cubs got in the playoffs even losing yesterday with the Giants losing to the Oakland Athletics. And this is great, because really I could not stand another year of the Giants getting their boring roster group into October and forcing me to watch three series of it.

The Cubbies are going to be our playoff horse we think. We would still really like to see the Angels weasel in in the American League. But overall, this is really good for baseball and we felt from the onset of the year that the Cubs would be left standing when the dust settled.

Now you just have to hope they get through the Wildcard game (sorry Pirates fans) and bring a long series or two to that historic cathedral Wrigley Field. It would be fun to watch this young group of players try to break the curse of the Billy Goat. Plus, Anthony Rizzo.