We are approaching the one year anniversary of Jim (RALPH) Bowden


Randy Johnson heading to the Astros. Mark McGwire to the Cardinals. Curt Schilling to the Diamondbacks. Juan Guzman to the Reds. The trade deadline has featured some absolutely huge moments in history.

None were as big to us as Jim ‘RALPH’ Bowden freaking the fuck out, declaring that Marlon Byrd had been traded to the Yankees; and then trying poorly to cover his tracks like an 8th grader lying to his father.

Then look at that Bowdiv go! He claims he was hacked through a spokesman!

The trade deadline ends in about 20 hours. We have our fingers crossed that Ralph Bowdiv picks up on something completely erroneous and runs with it. He provided us with one of our favorite deadline memories. Every time we hear that nasally voice on MLB Network Radio, we think about Ralph. Tomorrow, we celebrate Ralph.