We were REALLY wrong on A.J. Pollock


We’re watching the Diamondbacks game in Arizona tonight, and some time has passed since we once made a post we regret on young A.J. Pollock.

Pollock got off to a slow start last season and was on a few of our fantasy teams. We took notice of it, deciding to drop him after he Canseco’d a home run ball in center at Coors Field.

Since then, the dude has proven he is a damn good baseball player and he’s getting better.

He finished last season hitting .302 with an .851 OPS and a WAR of 3.9 in 75 games. This year he has 10 homers to go along with 16 steals, a .303 average and a WAR of 3.5 in 79 games. He just laced another RBI single as we made this post. We knew that was coming.

Every once in a while, you’re just wrong about a guy. We’re not too proud to admit we were wrong. We thought A.J. Pollock was a garden variety turd. More along the lines of a poor man’s Chris Heisey. Instead, he’s a middle of the order hitter that plays Robin to Paul Golschmidt’s Batman in the newest best hitters park in America.

There’s no end in sight to A.J. Pollock’s reign of terror. He’s only 27 years old and if he stays healthy he’ll probably he an All Star at some point.

We’re sorry A.J., we mean it.