Your Saturday Baseball Post


It’s a rainy Saturday, and in a few hours I’ll be spending the rest of the day watching my seven month old daughter for the rest of the day while my wife caters a wedding. There will be little baseball for me until bed time.

That said, it’s still a Saturday, and we put the flag at half mass here at the blog on this day to recognize baseball as the greatest game on earth.

There are a couple 10:00 late night starts tonight and games sprinkled regularly throughout the day all over the schedule. Even though the weather is brutal here in the midwest and there are sure to be rainouts, it’s still the best day of the week. Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.

No 80’s song of the week this week – instead we go to Grantland Rice’s poem, Game Called from the Documentary When it Was a Game. You can’t just watch this once.