I watched the entire Yankees game last night


[Box Score]

It happens once a year, and whenever Mike Trout is on display at Yankee Stadium for the entire baseball world to see; I feel like something epic is bound to occur.

I was happy to get home last night right around first pitch between Nathan Eovaldi and Jeff Weaver, and to see that the MLB Network Friday night game was the Angels and Yankees.

Trout went 0 for 3 with a walk, and he snapped by Beat the Streak hitting streak at 12. The game was pretty uneventful until I started to doze off with the Yankees holding an 8-1 lead they built on the strength of two Stephen Drew homers and a Mark Teixeira home run.

Mike Scioscia pulled all of his starting players and the Angels scored six in the ninth with a bunch of scabs. Dellin Betances had to be involved in the game and locked down his second save of the year.

It was the perfect relaxing ballgame in the middle of a season where nothing too exciting occurs but it occupied my time for three hours. That’s why baseball is so great.