Joc Pederson is Roy Hobbs


And here you thought Roy Hobbs was fictional. We have to admit in full disclosure: we knew so little about Joc Pederson at this time last year, we thought the damn guy was black! To be fair, it was spring training 2014.

We know him now. Everyone else should too. He’s hitting home runs at a record clip for a rookie. He homered again last night while you were sleeping. This was the fifth straight game he’s done that. 4He’s up to 17 now, one behind Bryce Harper for the National League lead. We thought that Yasiel Puig’s beginning to his career was amazing (it was), but this has turned into an entirely different animal.

The guy is on some kind of incredible roll. We have no idea where he ends up, but clearly he’s a reason that we think the Dodgers are the favorites in the National League to reach the World Series even with their problems. And to be able to pair Roy Hobbs next to the Wild Horse for the next decade if they want… times are so good in Los Angeles.