Giancarlo Stanton is still Awesome


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Giancarlo Stanton is clearly frustrated even if he won’t say it. Yesterday through the media, he declined comment on the Marlins new manager Dan Jennings. He simply said that the Marlins are going to have to take things slower than ‘one day at a time’ to try to improve things. They are a certified mess, too.

You still have to admire the guy in what is currently a bad situation just putting one foot in front of the other and trying to slug his team out of trouble. There are few things on this earth more satisfying than seeing Giancarlo Stanton get into a baseball.

Today, he got into two of them.

The first was of the line drive variety. It didn’t look like it was going to get out off the bat, but it had a rare backspin that only Giancarlo Stanton can create. The second was an absolute Ruthian shot to the upper reaches of Citi Field.

Both homers were hit facing a lefty, without that bionic facemask on. We have to wonder if this facemask doesn’t hold back Stanton’s plate vision a little bit. He just doesn’t seem himself yet – which is something when you consider he’s still mashing.

A.J. Ramos recorded a four-out save, and the Marlins won their second game of the weekend in Queens. We’re hoping they turn it around and Stanton continues to mash.