Don’t Write off Josh Hamilton just yet


[Box Score]

Remember when Josh Hamilton was written off, done for his career? Left for dead by his old team, the Anaheim Angels? It appears he doesn’t.

Hamilton had a decent swing in his first at-bat back in Texas last night, lashing a double. Tonight, he hit his first and second home runs of the season.

We can’t remember where we read it exactly – but a writer once pointed out that Hamilton is like a puppy dog. He needs the adoration and cheers from a crowd to succeed. The more he gets, the more dominating he can become. Think back to the Home Run Derby at Yankee Stadium. Hamiton was on top of the baseball world that night.

It’s wouldn’t be the least bit surprising that he experiences a mini-resurgence in Texas where he had his best days as a pro. The Texas crowd is behind him, and it appears right now that he’s going to ride a wave of adrenaline.

Texas is a weird team, stuck in a sort of state of roster flux (they want to play Delino Deshields Jr. every day, but have a glut of veteran outfielders and infielders). They have no real pitching staff. Yet, they’re not bad in every sense. They can’t just go out and blow it up.

The Hamilton storyline will be one of the most interesting to follow this summer.