Alex Rodriguez and Home Run no. 661

Let it be written that Alex Rodriguez hit home run number 661 to pass Willie Mays for fourth on the all-time milestone list last night to dead center field at (New) Yankee Stadium in the Bronx off Chris Tillman.

And it’s weird; he’s what, 53 home runs from Babe Ruth now? And then next up is Hank Aaron. Last night when he was rounding the bases – in my mind I am thinking ‘that guy has hit more home runs now in the game outside of two men’. But how oddly I didn’t remember atop the mountain is Barry Bonds at 762.

It’s like Bonds record didn’t even count in my mind. It was nothing intentional. I just wonder how we disparage Rodriguez’s accomplishment. I don’t really know that either. I just know this guy has been putting balls over the fence for most of my lifetime now.