Something has Awakened El Oso Blanco


Remember a few weeks ago when some assholes were really riding Evan Gattis hard on twitter? I bet he doesn’t.

The White Bear went off today – shitting all over his Houston woods with two pretty long homers and driving in four runs. He’s still only hitting .198 on the season, but it’s a loud .198 damnit!

The Astros beat the Mariners today 7-6 in Houston, winning their 10th straight game.

What isn’t to love about The White Bear (aka ‘Bulldog Being), a guy who posts only his former janitor name-tag as his twitter pic.


The Astros are 18 and friggin’ 7. I am pretty sure we told you in our season predictions they would be better. This is the ninth team in franchise history to win 10 games in a row. This is the best start in franchise history. I believe I heard this is only the second time in baseball history that a team has won ten games in a row the season following a 96 loss season. And if I’m wrong or something on that, Jayson Stark will be checking in with some awesome stat tomorrow morning on Mike & Mike if they decide to give baseball ten minutes.