Your Saturday Baseball Post


What, you thought we would forget about the Saturday baseball post? It’s the NFL Draft, the Kentucky Derby, Pacquio vs. Mayweather; yet at the center of our universe is the MLB full slate.

The Mets and Nationals. The Reds and Braves. The Yankees and Red Sox. The Brewers and Cubbies.

These are just a few of the rams that are locking horns this weekend in baseball. At some point today, something will take place that’s never happened before in baseball. Even though it’s essentially the same game that was played 100 years ago, you’ll see something completely unique today or tonight that seems interesting or new to you. How does anyone live without being a baseball fan?

It’s also date night. That happens about once every six months when you have a kid. I’m going to try not to peak too many times at my phone to check scores because it bothers my wife. Yeah, good luck.

And oh man, do we have a good 80’s tune cooked up for you today – a tune that should be played on the loud speaker at a ballpark near you. The Warrior.

Or for you Grand Theft Auto V fans (if you want some, let us know and come get some online), a little Survivor.

Happy Saturday, and thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.