Documenting the Game No One Saw in Baltimore

Baltimore Unrest Forces Orioles Play White Sox In An Empty Camden Yards

One of the strangest games in Major League history right here was played today; completed in two hours and three minutes (which brings aboard the question; what is it about fans that add an hour plus on to the standard big league game).

The box score will show an 8-2 win by the Orioles. The official attendance may show ‘1’ in some spots; but no fans were present. Gary Thorne did his best Master’s voice impression.

This is the type of game that you would have loved to be able to say you saw. Unfortunately I was working and getting stuff done that had to be done. But if a game was played in an Alfred Hitchcock movie on a scorched-earth, this was it.

Robin Ventura said he didn’t like it.

“It was just a surreal environment,” White Sox manager Robin Ventura said. “I really don’t think we want to play in another one like this. I don’t think they do either.”

This game will always have it’s unique place in history because of the fine inhabitants of Baltimore and what they have done to their city. It is just another reminder that each baseball game is a unique little pearl; not like any of the others before it. Like a snowflake. Even if no one saw the snowflake fall.

The best all-around account of things comes from Jerry Crasnick over at ESPN.