Your Saturday Baseball Post


Welcome to Saturday – the best day of the week if you’re a baseball fan. A time when we lower the flag to half mass and salute the greatest game on earth.

It’s a damp, solemn little final Saturday in April. It’s hard to believe the first month of the regular season has almost concluded. If you had the New York Mets and Kansas City Royals as our best teams – raise your hand (liar).

So you best have your fantasy lineups set with everyone in them. We’ve got a full slate with everyone in action, another best part about baseball on a Saturday. Unless you’re subject to some funky blackout restriction, you should be able to see just about anyone you want on television today.

There’s a couple national games on Fox Sports One and MLB Network tonight for those who are lucky enough to have those on their television package. Do yourself a favor tonight: stay in, turn the lights down, and watch some ball.

Now here’s your 80’s song of the week that should be played on a loudspeaker at a ballpark near you:

It will always remind me of Walter White sadly touching that chemistry lab for the last time in Breaking Bad; and it reminds me a little bit of my daughter for some reason. Great song, in any event.

Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers. Enjoy your Saturday.