“We don’t anticipate winning at Busch” – Why Reds Manager Bryan Price is a Squid


Want to know why as a Reds fan I don’t write about this team every day anymore? Look no further than what Reds Manager Bryan Price said recently in the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

When you go certain places and you win, you anticipate winning there,” Price said. “There’s a good feeling that you have as a team when you go into ball parks where you’ve had success in the past.

“I think the complete counter is our situation here. We haven’t had success here for the last several years here and I don’t think we anticipate success here, as much as we work at it. (But) there’s certain places where guys just love to go and play. Whether it’s going to San Diego and pitching or going to Colorado and hitting, there’s certain things that guys get excited about.”

This is the guy  who leads? Seriously?

Price is the type of guy who holds his bladder for an entire four hour flight back from the West Cost because he doesn’t want to upset any flight attendants, even when the fasten seat-belt light is off.

He was a great pitching coach, but lacks the surly edge quality that every man needs to be a good manager. When the Reds hired Price, I decided that I was okay with it because it was going to be the same group of veteran Reds core players continuing to trying to make a run and by sliding Price into the spot; it wouldn’t shake things up too badly.

However, in the year and change since; it’s become clear that the guy is a mouse; and that window you feel closing is shutting more quickly because Price is a weakling that doesn’t raise the stakes of his players or argue enough calls, or get the most out of less.

Bryan Price is the nail in the Reds coffin.