Your Saturday Baseball Post


It’s our favorite day of the week, and our favorite time of the week. A Saturday afternoon with the full slate on tap. Every team is in play, and our second week of counting baseball is about to wrap up.

The week that was saw the inauspicious debut of Kris Bryant (welcome to the big leagues, kid). The Cubbies really are the Cleveland Browns of Major League Baseball.

Here’s your 80’s song of the week that should be played on a loudspeaker at a ballpark near you. The Cars are the greatest in our book. And this is a great video with a true 80’s babe (Susan Gallagher is her name).

The flag is always at half mass on this blog on a Saturday during the regular season; to salute the greatest sport on earth.

Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers. Enjoy your Saturday, everyone.