This was the epic moonshot home run in Bryce Harper’s career to-date


This was the one. The one that shows off the ’80’ grade power. If you thought Friday night’s homer was a bomb (it was), this one on Saturday afternoon is the one that will be talked about for ages (or a few days on social media) and have the Washingtonian school children imitating Harper in the schoolyard on Monday.

Look where the ball lands – I told my wife off the bat something like “holy shit, look at this one” – it hits a back wall in the bullpen in center. If you watch many Nationals games, it’s an area that just isn’t reached by baseball’s.

Bob Carpenter on the telecast: “Oh my look where it hits! We’ve never seen one on the back wall out there!” and followed it with “That’s the longest home run to center field that we’ve seen in this ballpark”.

The rumor according to MLB Gameday is the ball traveled an estimated 461 feet. Back in the days of Mickey Mantle there would be some legend that ended up derived through tales through the years that the ball went 500 feet or some shit. This was that type of blast.

And it comes off Aaron Harang. He’s such a kind, old ape isn’t he? It didn’t bother Aaron Harang at all that someone just hit one to Bethesda off him. He was just like ‘give me a new ball’. There are some pitchers it would get fired up, but Harang was his usual vanilla self. The Phillies won the game 5-3.