Alex Rodriguez slugs two more homers; is two from Willie Mays 660


Alex Rodriguez hit two home runs last night in a 5-4 Yankees win in Tampa. He drove in four runs, and now has an improbable four home runs on the season and 658 for his career. He also had the most notable amount of white, chalky shit on his helmet that we’ve ever seen on a guy in a game. What the Hell is with that?

And these words never felt like they would be written here again. What a story this really is, what A-Rod is doing. He’s doing it right in the face of his team’s ownership and fans, and really the entire world has tried it’s best to forget about the guy.

The reality of it is, A-Rod looks to be in pretty good shape. His swing looks pretty good, as it has all spring. There’s no reason to think that he won’t pop 20 or 25 home runs this season cleanly for the Bronx Bombers. But to think that it’s this quiet when a guy is two home runs from Willie Mays is just crazy.