Diamond Hoggers Turns ‘8’ at Midnight


Blowing out the candles a bit early here, this blog has officially been going for eight years as of tomorrow.

It’s kind of wild. I’ve never stuck to anything for eight years in my life other than the girl I’m married to, but writing about baseball every few days for the past eight years seems like it’s been only a few months.

Here’s to another eight years and then some of having fun with the game we love, reacting to the big story of the day, recapping the great games from the night before, and enjoying the great talent this game has to offer.

And realistically, as long as we’re alive this site will be standing. Long after blogs are no longer a thing and there are higher-tech fads out there and glossier looking sites to visit; you can come here for some good old fashioned talk from people who shoot it straight and love the game with all they have.

The mission statement remains the same for this site – saluting the greatest game on earth and enjoying it’s intricacies as much as we can for the time we have to enjoy it.