Rob Manfred better not take away my 162 game schedule


Just when I’m starting to really take to the guy, he goes and addresses the one thing that I would like to remain sacred forever.

Baseball’s new commissioner is already mentioning the idea of shortening the regular season – to some it’s not the end of the world – but to some it is that particular person’s world.

“I don’t think length of season is a topic that can’t ever be discussed,” Manfred told “I don’t think it would be impossible to go back to 154 [games] . . . We already have some of our record books which reflect a 154-game season and obviously some of it reflects a 162-game season,” Manfred said. “So there’s some natural flexibility there. But if anyone suggests to go to something like 110 games, then there’s a real problem. That will throw all our numbers out of whack.”

You leave my damn 162 game season alone, you sadistic son of a bitch! If anything, make it 190 games. Baseball season doesn’t start soon enough to begin with. Does this guy get how damn dreadful February and March are? And when the season ends it’s just a disgusting feeling knowing I’ve got to stomach six months without a nine inning meaningful game with counting stats. Who is this guy to think about shaving more than a week off my beautiful, long, marathon of a season?

If this goes down, I’ll never forgive Manfred.