The Moncada Butterfly Lands in Snowy Boston


Leave it to the Red Sox to jump in the act and make me look like a jackass. After I had told every Yankee fan I knew that Moncada was heading to the Bronx (Hank Steinbrenner made a strong bid), but Beantown jumped in and outbid their rivals with a $31.5 million dollar signing bonus.

So it’s better than Moncada landing in San Francisco; but not much better. If he ended up being a Yankee I would have been able to see him play in New York a few times live when I’m out there. It would have increased his offensive value in fantasy – though Fenway shouldn’t hurt his value.

On top of all that, he could one day be on the field with Mookie Bets, Xander Boegaerts, and Rusney Castillo. It’s a good time to be a Red Sox fan; because their veteran roster features some elite talent as well.

But damnit, I was ready for Moncada in New York. And now this makes them less unlikely to be outbid for Bryce Harper when the time comes. If George Steinbrenner was still breathing, Moncada would be wearing pinstripes.