Throwing it Around

It’s a white Saturday, and we’re snowed in at Grandma’s house. Which means there is plenty of time for reading and writing about baseball stuff with grandma handling the baby. And we’ve seen plenty of links worthy of being linked. Here are a few:

-Yankees Manager Joe Girardi says he’s open to two closers. [NY Daily News]
-The Yankees are sniffing around Yoan Moncada and consider him #1 overall draft talent. [ESPN Yankees Blog]
-Carlos Gonzalez is looking to put a disappointing 2014 behind him quickly. [Denver Post]
-It’s the 25th anniversary of Baseball America’s Top 100 prospects. A neat look back in time. [Baseball America]
-Bruce Bochy had stints put in his heart valves, but he’s feeling better. []
-The Rockies are going to have a new broadcast angle in 2015! [Fangraphs]
-It’s probably been a while since you’ve read up on Byron Buxton, but don’t forget about him. [Twins Daily]
-The top 30 teams to control in MLB the Show ’15, from a fun standpoint. [Operation Sports]