The Moncada Butterfly Could Find a Home This Week!


Wherever Yoan Moncada finally lands and spreads his wings, that franchise immediately becomes more attractive for the next decade or so. By the end of this week, we just might learn who that lucky franchise might be (please don’t let it be somewhere like San Francisco).

From everything we’ve read that’s been printed about Moncada, he’s the next young superstar from Cuba in this game. A lot of people have speculated that Moncada will spend significant time in the minors, but we don’t see it that way.

Whoever lands him will be shelling out monstrous contract money including a hefty signing bonus. It will be the type of contract that has him on the fast track to the big leagues (remember the Reds with Aroldis Chapman, for instance). If he performs in the minors like we think he might, we think he’ll be in a big league uniform by season’s end.

And he’s going to be a guy we stalk with posts on this blog. We cannot wait to get out our net, snatch the elegant Moncada butterfly from the air; and add him to the fraternity of greatness in baseball.