Report: Marlins Park to host 2017 All-Star Game


With the 2015 All-Star Game being held in Cincinnati, and the 2016 going boring on all of us for a year to San Diego (who wants a Petco Home Run Derby, anyways); the game’s midsummer classic will return to a fun and deserved site in 2017 in South Beach.

This report comes via the Miami Herald today – and hopefully the Marlins’ brass can see the goodwill coming their way for you know; ponying up and spending some money to improve their franchise. Anyone who says that the Marlins will just blow it up again is clearly wrong, the Marlins are going to be forced to field a team that contends until at least the latter half of 2017 now; which we expected them to do anyways.

It’s worth pointing out that the Marlins were originally¬†awarded the 2000 All-Star Game, only to have it stripped and given to the Braves. After opening their new stadium in 2012, they were originally expected to get this year’s All-Star Game, but it was given to Cincinnati instead – which has been a long-deserved All Star game site.

The Nationals can be expected to get the 2018 All Star game we think, just in time for Bryce Harper’s big departure to a larger market. It is likely that in the next four years we will have an All-Star game in an NL park that has never before hosted the game. Pretty exciting stuff, especially if you’re someone who still believes that baseball has the holiest of All-Star competitions like we clearly do. It’s the one exhibition of it’s type that has always remained competitive and sacred.