Your Saturday Baseball Post


See the kids on the back of the bus – hitchin’ a ride?

First fantasy draft of the year tomorrow! That’s the good news. The bad news is that me, my wife, and my two month old are all sick. February absolutely sucks. February in Ohio is even worse. You have to love the weather swinging from negative temperatures back up to 40 degrees – that’s good for the old sinuses!

I picked up this bad boy last night:

Not because I really need it, but because buying one of these every year for bathroom reading is a right of passage and helps remind of the things I should already know. Like that they have Giancarlo Stanton on the cover but list him as the 25th most valuable player in fantasy – WRONG. Or they have Jay Bruce hitting just a paltry .237 this year – give me the over on that.

As a whole, fantasy magazines are too damn scared and conservative to ever make a bold prediction or go out on a limb. I love me some Mike Trout, but I think Stanton will be the number one overall hitter in fantasy this season. And all these magazines are too scared to say Billy Hamilton will steal 80 bases, numbers like 65 seem much safer for them. Take a damn stab at something!

And you all, take a stab at enjoying your Saturday. We can get through this, press onwards.