Great Read on the Upstart Miami Marlins


The 2015 Miami Marlins are a team we’re excited about. Aside from the centerpiece $325 million slugger that is central to any conversation about their franchise, they have a lot of nice little complementary pieces and they’re going to be a fun team to watch this upcoming season.

Jonah Keri had a great piece on Grantland about how the Marlins got to where they’re at currently, tracing things back to their inauguration and explaining exactly why they couldn’t hang onto a future Hall of Fame caliber player in Miguel Cabrera way back when but found a way to do it with Stanton. It’s worth your time to check out.

Keri has a conversation with David Samson – the team’s president since 2002 (I also learned in this article that he’s team owner’s stepson). Samson is forthcoming about the past firesales and shortfalls the organization has faced, with detailed reasoning as to why the Marlins have had to take the not so Magellan-like path to their present day.

I’m bullish on the Marlins. I love their outfield, and Buster Olney says they’re the best in baseball. I rate their bench as one of the strongest in the National League and think they have some upside in their rotation and bullpen. Mike Redmond is a manager who won’t hurt you.

Some don’t see the Marlins making a big jump in 2015, looking more towards 2016 for their ‘all-in’ year. I think they’re going to surprise a lot of people a year ahead of schedule and be one of the more interesting teams in baseball to watch by April.