Report: MLB Teams have had it up to here with the Mariners trade offers

Seattle Mariners mascot The Moose waves to fans

We all know the feeling – well, those of us that play fantasy baseball anyways. There’s that one owner who can’t help himself in every league. He just can’t stop offering his shit for your good players. He’s convinced it’s a win for both sides.

Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik is that guy.

“He has made offers and then pulled back after we have said, ‘This is something we would do,”‘ one executive said. “He responds (by saying) it wasn’t an offer and that he will need to discuss it with his guys.”

Another executive added, “I don’t always get the sense that he knows what he wants to do. One day, he’s interested in one thing. The next day, he’s interested in another. That’s what makes it challenging.”

A third executive said, “They (the Mariners) don’t set out on a trade saying, ‘Here’s what we need. Let’s do what we can to get him.’ They think, ‘Who can we give up that will never be any good?’ They don’t want to give up anyone who will haunt them. That’s just flat-out fear.”

Zduriencik has responded to the criticism by saying this is just a normal course reaction of teams trying to do business. We have a feeling he really is this bad, possibly worse.

This is a stark contrast to former Mariner’s GM Bill Bavasi – who would fucking trade anyone for a flavor of the month type player or fringe prospect! I don’t know what’s worse really.