Here are more MLB The Show ’14 Screenshots

You’ll probably want to click to enlarge these to enjoy the full detail. Just a beautiful game visually, and you can only hope to have a game that plays this smoothly someday in the form of Madden of NFL Football.

We’re currently immersed about 65ish games into our Angels franchise. Trout sits at .310 with 17 home runs, 49 RBI, and 35 stolen bases! We are gunning for a 40/40 season.


This is trout legging out a triple, not stealing third. And there’s that decrepit Oakland Coliseum. A game or two later, Mike Trout hit two home runs off Sonny Gray in the same game.


Jered Weaver dealing! One of our favorite shots yet.


We faced Fausto Carmona Roberto Hernandez in Philly. Just had to get him on the blog somehow.


Albert Pujols may be done for the regular season. He cracked his tibia playing first base. There’s Mike Scioscia feigning being upset – Pujols wasn’t hitting worth a damn and he felt old and stitched together prior to this. This is a realistic game you realize when you’re playing with Albert Pujols day in and day out.